It’s my Birthday.

It’s almost midnight and most likely will be before this post is done.  September 18th is the day I was born really I did not pop out of my mother until 10 at night. LOL but I’m grateful to have another birthday for I should be dead but God saved me from death so many time.  Before Christ and Even after.  The devil has tried to steal life from me so many times  but GOD Had Other plans for me.  So the truth is I am not turning 19 years old as much as I would love that I’m not I am turning 35 lol.  I would love to go back at times and redo life and be a different person that did not experience with the things I did that were bad but then my life would be different and I would not have my family I have now.  Having a Testimony is a tool God gives you to share (He dose not cause the things you do, its sin and free will) to others but some testimony your not very proud of and that is most of mine before Christ.  But I have so much to be great full for. My desires now more then ever is to be able to make a difference for the Lord and to be a better Christian, Wife,  Friend,  Mother, Daughter.  Honestly it feels kinda Strange turning 35.  I have such a clear vision of my mother being 35 years old. Lol So it’s strange but a blessing to still be on the Earth.   Wonder if menopause is going to hit me now. Lol Well I’m just rambling on but hey that’s what my blog is for. Lol   Pray for me.  I want to do more for the Lord for God’s return is near and I mean near.  Thank you and God Bless you all I am old.

Morality is built in to Humanty.

Definition of MORTALITY: Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.  Definition of ILLUSION:  An idea that is based on something that is not true.  Definition of ETHICALLY: Following accepted rules of behavior : morally right and good

You don’t have to be a Christian to have good morals though having good morals and being a good person will not get you to heaven so good morals without having a Relationship with the Lord is pretty much meaningless/pointless.  Atheist however do not believe you  have to have good morals they believe that good and evil are a illusion; false.  They believe that they can ethically do right and make right choices with out God.

The truth is evil and good is real and you can’t base evil off illusion to do good or bad because Atheist will do the opposite of what you showed them for you can’t make anyone do anything that they don’t want to do.   God gave us all a free will; a free will to choose either good or bad and right from wrong.  Funny thing is though Atheist will say good morals is meaningless so they don’t go by good morals but yet they want to be treated with Honesty and good moral behaviors but will not hold on to good morals them self.

God gave us all a Conscience and everything we do in life our conscience will show us either guilt or innocence or moral purity.  We will either feel good or bad about decision’s we make in life; We will either be wrong or right.  The reason Atheist want to believe that they don’t need God to be Morally right is because for them to believe that they need God to be Morally right they would see them self for the sinful person that they are.   If a Atheist or any sinner saw them self for who they were a “Sinner” they would see that they needed Jesus and Atheist don’t want that kind of conviction on them they don’t want to see a need for Jesus.  So they think they can act ethically without religion or belief in God.  However the only reason anyone has the desire to act morally right is because they are created in God’s image.

So the question is DO WE NEED GOD TO BE GOOD?  Well lets think about it why should we even be GOOD IF WE DON”T HAVE GOD.  I mean without God we have no LAWS/TEN COMMANDMENTS.  There for we have no rules/blue prints to follow.  Without rules this World we live in would be nothing but chaos.

Think about this Atheist think we were evolved by Monkeys.  My questions is this, is it even possible for Monkeys to be able to make good Judgement and have good morals? No for animals do not have the ability to make good Judgment or even know good morals so if Atheist say we are evolved from Monkeys how can they even claim that they have the ability to have good Morals and make good decisions?  Think about it.

It comes down to this people have a choice and decision to make.  They can either deny the fact that they need Jesus or accept him as their Lord and savior.  You can either believe you came from a Monkey or that God created you in His own imagine. Atheist can debate that their is know God as much as they want because the fact is they can not prove that there is no God for the FACTS and PROOF shows there is a GOD but they deny it only because they don’t want to believe it.

The Bible says in Acts 17:28 “In Him we live and move and have our being.”


My world at times can feel as if its upside down. But God is always there to turn me back around. Isn’t God amazing how everything can look to be against you but God will come through for you and turn everything back around for you the way it should be. Let’s face it, Life is hard and if you don’t got Jesus you don’t got peace and you will have know one to turn you back around were you need to be. 🙂


I’m goofy and find humor in things that most people would not find funny. My spelling is awful and Spell check dislikes me. I love to laugh. My sense of humor is a little different. LOL I’m a little hyper so to be in my head can be a little crazy. LOL I wanted to do a blog because I feel I have a lot to say hope you enjoy my craziness.